Oral Sedation and Local Anesthesia

Most of our facial plastic surgery procedures are performed with oral sedation and local anesthesia.  A powdered sedative is placed under the tongue about 30 minutes prior to the procedure.  This does not make the patient "go to sleep" but gives them a calming effect.  Next, the local anesthetic is placed in the tissues were the procedure will be done.  The only uncomfortable part of this process is the local anesthetic injections.  Dr. Severinac is known for his gentle touch and ability to place local anesthetic with minimal discomfort.  With our comfortable table positioning and calming music, patient's do wonderfully and walk out of the office moments after the dressing are placed.  No recovery room, no "waking up" from a general anesthetic, no prolonged weak feeling following a general anesthetic. Oral sedation with local anesthesia is the way to go!

Another benefit of oral sedation is the low cost.  We are able to save our patient's thousands of dollars in outpatient surgical facility and anesthesia fee making our facial plastic surgery costs often more than half!